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Clips from the Board Room

Encroachments onto parks remains a problem.  No gardening in parkland by residents is allowed.

  • Lapa hiring to be booked through the Jessica's Restaurant.
  • Boardroom facilities and conference facility in the clubhouse can be hired for business conferences.
  • Jessica's can provide for all catering needs.
  • No 'own' liquor may be brought onto the premises.
Estate matters

A maximum of 5 refuse bag per stand will be collected once a week.  Residents are encourage to participate in recycling.  Paper, glass, tin & plastic recycling are done on Thursdays and Fridays. Please contact the Estate office to find out which days recycling and refuse removal are done in your area.  Put black bag on sidewalk to be collected.


Levy R2 087  per month from 1st March 2021
Ombudsman levy R31.74 p/month

Total payable R2118,.74

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